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Who Am I?

I'm Brittany. Welcome to my little slice of the internet!

I'm a self-taught web developer from the United States.

I started my creative career as a ramen-loving Art and Design student, and later developed into an ophthalmic photographer who became obsessed with coding in 2019 and decided to self-teach myself web development.

When I'm not hunched over my computer furiously typing code, or trying to fix a bug, I'm usually enjoying a good book or experimenting with ramen recipes.

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UI/UX Design

Technical Writing

French Language


Comics and Literary Fiction

Tabletop Board Games

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My Workflow

Planning and Preparation

In the preliminary phase of the project I discuss the goals and vision for the project with the client to clearly understand what they want and what the scope for the assignment will be. A discovery checklist will be completed so that I can deliver a product everyone will be satisfied with.


My design process begins with completing a site map to outline the general flow of the project pages. Next the wireframing begins, followed by a mockup, style guide, and prototype all created using Adobe Xd. Feedback will be gathered from the client, and once edits are made the design of the project will be finished.


The development phase consists of selecting the appropriate technology stack for the assignment, setting up the environment (including all files and folders, Github for version control, and any libraries or frameworks), then building each page and feature one by one in the IDE. Each page is sent for feedback as it's completed, and a thorough maintenance and performance check is done before and after publishing site.


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Cycle Hostel: Cyclist Travel Website

Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery

Cycle Hostel Landing page

A full-feature travel site with mobile-responsive layout, user-friendly design, landing page, booking platform, and speed optimized features.

Cycle Hostel Landing Page
ChainRing screengrab

Custom E-Commerce Website/Design

Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery

ChainRing screengrab

An interactive e-commerce webpage built from scratch using frontend technologies, focused on delivering an adptive UI and interactive UX.

Bareque Cocina Homepage

Bareque Cocina Restaurant Site

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery

Bareque Cocina restaurant homepage

A collaborative web build on an international 2-person development team for the Colombian restaurant Bareque Cocina. A platform providing key restaurant information to customers, displaying solid brand image, and increasing search rankings as one of few restaurants with an established web presence in Cali Colombia.

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